OneWheel Repair

Have a Future Motion OneWheel out of warranty and experiencing issues / concerned with quality? Hit us up! Many OneWheels have issues from the factory which if left unsolved can cause issues down the road. Examples include;

OneWheel XR Ferrite Ring : Can causing flickering headlight and/or damage to the Controller PCB
OneWheel Pint: Charging port nut can loosen up over time causing it to bounce around the controller PCB while riding
OneWheel PintX: The PintX is the most problematic board manufactured and has a large amount of issues pertaining to design and QA. From charging connectors melting due to the Ultracharger, to the Battery pack balancing wires chafing on the battery box causing sudden shutdowns, charging issues and random errors. (Visit for more details)
We have not worked on many OneWheel GT’s at this time as electrically they tend to be better designed.