OneWheel Upgrades

Have a stock OneWheel and want capabilities that Future Motion fails to deliver? Consider upgrading your board to a 3d party controller or perhaps an ESP8266 Chip to monitor battery information? The Pint X onward removes all basic abilities to see how your battery is doing, including if the battery percentage is actually correct or not. We have received reports (and personally witnessed) boards shutting off mid ride with 40% battery remaining and ejecting the rider at speed. Earlier models such as the XR allowed folks to use an aftermarket app such as OWCE to view actual battery information (Pack Voltage, Cell Voltages) however those were taken away which can cause the rider to either run out of power or suddenly have the board shutoff.

For the Pint X we install an ESP8266 with the custom OWIE package to allow users to connect to the board using WiFi and display current battery information.

Want even more? Talk to us about VESC conversions on existing boards. Use your stock BMS + Battery and gain full control of your board!