FM BMS Repair : Easier than you may think.

I’ve seen quite a few blown up PintX BMS’s lately, probably due to the balancing wire issues on the battery pack. The FM BMS is rather expensive to find and due to Controller <-> Pairing (although you can get around this) the best bet is to usually repair the BMS already inside of your board. Most FM BMS’s utilize the MAX14921ECS Battery Monitoring IC which is readily available from DigiKey, and most of the time will revive the BMS.

In this case the complaint was inability to charge the board and the App would always indicate 0% or 100%. After installing an OWIE chip to view status of the battery pack the issue was clear. At 14.27Volts reported (versus 60V in the actual pack) the issue was clear. The BMS was working, but it was not reading voltage correctly

Upon inspection of the BMS nothing visually damaged was discovered. At this point the Monitoring IC was removed and the replacement installed.

Upon replacement the BMS began reporting correctly to the OWIE Chip. After reassembly the board is back in action and issue resolved. Overnight the cells will balance and everything will function as normal.

So, if you know someone (or yourself) who can SMT Solder, give this a shot and save yourself the trouble of sending to FM or paying the overpriced cost of used BMS’s

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